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The large, ergonomic and confortable offices give to our Firm an image of modernity in the vanguard in the sector.


(CAD draw-station)

The study and the planning of the semimanufactured and of the equipments for the processing is realized with use of CAD programs, that allow three-dimensional sights and automatic calculus of weight and volume also for a better precision in the estimates.

direzione e contabilit´┐Ż                                        (direction and accounting)

Our Firm works in the sector of the equipments for TRANSFERT.
From the planning of the
SEMIMANUFACTURED pieces to the study of the working cycles and to the planning and supply of IMPLEMENTS  HOLDFASTS and DIES, for processing of peculiars  FIGURED in ZAMA ALUMINUM and BRASS, TAPS AND FITTINGS as well as VALVES, PIPE FITTINGS and metallic TRINKET in general.

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